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The Autodidact



It's a little known fact that one of Napoléon Bonaparte's campaigns led him through Bosnia & Herzegovina, and it is this subject that Marius, a history student from France, is writing his paper on. Accompanied by his friend Ana, their journey is fruitless as nothing but a restaurant named "Bonaparte" hints at any traces left behind by Napoléon's army. Until, that is, a Frenchman introduces himself to the two as a self-taught expert on all things Napoléon. He promises to lead them to a very special place if they take him across the border into Croatia. They accept the offer but Ana senses something sinister about this man. Her warnings are unheeded however as Marius can't believe his luck.



Ferdinand Lenoir



Martha Elisei

The Autodidact

Frédéric Henry

The Bonaparte Waitress

Maja Marinkovic

Radio Announcer

Deni Mulalic

Written & Directed by 
Stephan Bookas

Story by

Stephan Bookas, Ferdinand Lenoir, Martha Elisei, Krisztián Mányi, Maja Marinkovic

In response to the short film "Duel" by Franck Brahmi and Astrid Plée


Stephan Bookas

Sunrise Timelapse

Chidambar Zinnoury

Sound Recording

Krisztián Mányi



Martha Elisei, Krisztián Mányi, Wilton Rosemond & Stephan Bookas

French Subtitles

Franck Brahmi

English Subtitles

Maja Marinkovic

Sound Engineer, Sound Design & Mix

Ernesto Suarez

Lajos Pataki

Thanks to

Bonaparte Restaurant

Franck Brahmi

Chidambar Zinnoury

Produced by 
Thousandth Mile & Frédéric Henry

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