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Heart Rate

Heart Rate (Comedy Short)

Heart Rate (Comedy Short)

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Dave Watts is a risk analyst, which is why he never takes any risks. On his birthday however, he is prompted to call someone who means the world to him, which to him is the biggest risk of them all. As he keeps putting it off, his heart rate is sinking continuously and the world around him gets faster and faster as he keeps slowing down. Dave starts taking ever bigger risks to get his heart rate back up but everything fails until ultimately there's only one thing left to do.


David Watts

David Fox

The Landlady
Carol Morgan

The Friendly Neighbour
Nikhil Parmar

The Observer 

Gaz Evans

Directed by 
Stephan Bookas

Written by

Jack Deslandes & Stephan Bookas


Gaz Evans & Lajos Pataki

Stephan Bookas

Assistant Director & Script Supervision

Jack Deslandes

Line Producer
Lajos Pataki

Sound Recording

Gaz Evans

Sound Engineer, Sound Design & Mix

Ernesto Suarez

Lajos Pataki

Thanks to

Mo Leque

Produced by 
Whatnot Films

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